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On-Site Safety and Security Coordinator

More and more schools are turning to Altaris to provide a dedicated on-site Coordinator to serve as their Director of Safety and Security. They manage a wide range of day-to-day safety and security functions allowing administrators to focus on the business of education.

Our Altaris on-site coordinator has been INVALUABLE! Invest in a full-time person in your district. Best value for your money you could buy!

Dr. Phyllis Harrington

Oceanside City School District

K-12 School

Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

Our Coordinators work seamlessly with our consulting team to implement planning projects on behalf of the district. Coordinators are available on a full or part-time basis. They are carefully vetted through a selective screening process and possess exceptional technical and interpersonal skills.

We have seen an enormous difference since adding a dedicated on-site Altaris Coordinator. It’s hard to imagine a time without Sean, our Altaris team member.

Dr. Joseph Ricca


White Plains City School District

Working with Altaris has been phenomenal. The knowledge that they bring to the District in regards to enhancing what we do for the safety of our students and staff I don’t think can be beat by anybody.

Todd Winch


Levittown School District

What makes the Altaris Coordinator service so unique?

Unlike a direct security director hire made by your district, our coordinators are backed by our Altaris team of industry experts. Our consultants will collaborate with your coordinator and continually guide the process to ensure safe and secure schools and exceptional compliance with the array of state and federal mandates. In addition, our vast network of on-site coordinators means dramatically reduced project lead times and timely solutions to common K-12 safety and security challenges.

Most importantly, Altaris has an unmatched reputation in the K-12 safety and security industry.

What’s in it for your district?

Educators did not sign up to be directors of safety and security or emergency managers. Altaris handles all of the daily heavy lifting and helps you create exceptionally safe and prepared schools without the stress, complexity, and time commitment. K-12 safety and security is our only business so you can be assured of efficient operations, well-prepared staff, and compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Typical Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

Schedule Options to Suit any Budget

Altaris can provide Coordinators on a full-time or part-time basis to work within any school budget. While most districts utilize a full-time Coordinator for consistency in managing daily operations, some clients have opted for a part-time position that may be shared with a neighboring district. The shared position schedule can be flexible to allow the Coordinator to be on-site in each district for scheduled meetings, drills, or other events. Specific work hours are based on the needs of each district.

What clients are saying about our On-site Coordinators

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Our solutions are designed for K-12 administrators who simply lack the time and expertise to manage the complex operations of safety, security, and emergency preparedness in their schools.