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Emergency Management Program

No one should attempt to outsmart history but rather learn something every time.

Sometimes lessons learned reinforce best practices and sometimes they cause us to pivot when gaps and loopholes are identified. The key is to have a trusted partner that lives and breathes K-12 safety and security to guide you down the ever changing and often complex path.

Emergency Management Program

Our annual Emergency Management Program ensures rock-solid emergency plans, confident and capable personnel, and a high level of emergency preparedness.

Emergency Management Program

Our online workshops and emergency response team meetings give you the proven benefits of an expert consulting team with the flexibility you and your team members need. With shorter, more frequent connections and the ability to attend from anywhere, this is the perfect option for busy educators who want to save time and avoid scheduling complexities, while still enjoying impressive results.

The core components of our Emergency Management Program include:

Over 100 Planning Items

Our Consultants will work closely with district and building-level administrators to complete over 100 emergency planning steps as well as improvement opportunities identified during the assessment process. Our goal is to improve the safety and security of your schools, not simply create punch lists and more work for administrators.

Altaris handles the heavy lifting and manages the process every step of the way so your team can focus on the business of education. Best of all, our consulting team is available 24/7/365 to assist your administrators in the event of an emergency at no additional charge.

Whether you need guidance on managing a threat or crafting a parent communication, there is never a meter running for our consulting services.

What’s in it for your district?

The Emergency Management Program Process

Request a free 60-minute Consulting Session

Your complimentary 60-minute Consulting Session is the next step to achieving the safe and prepared school you have always wanted. We will learn more about:

Your current safety and security operations

Your emergency management program

What keeps you up at night

Our solutions are designed for K-12 administrators who simply lack the time and expertise to manage the complex operations of safety, security, and emergency preparedness in their schools.