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How we help create safer schools

How We Help Create Safer & Prepared Schools

Let’s face it, when you signed up to be an educator, you did not realize that might include filling the role as the:

  • Safety Supervisor
  • Emergency Manager or
  • Director of Security

But as virtually all educators do, you place the safety of the school population as your number one priority.

Having worked closely with many schools over the better part of two decades, I’ve learned that virtually every district suffers from the same challenges that keep administrators up a night including:

  • feeling insecure that their buildings are truly safe
  • not knowing if they are doing enough and truly capable of managing an acute critical incident
  • or the type, frequency, and specific staff to provide emergency preparedness training to

There is a wealth of information available on the internet and some of it is quite good. But what I discovered was the complete absence of a systematic program that:

  • guided administrators through the complex process to achieve safe and prepared schools
  • and provided them all of the necessary resources to do so

As a K-12 administrator, I know you face tremendous time and workload challenges. While your goal may be to achieve the peace of mind your schools are actually safe and prepared, what you need are solutions….not punch lists.

If you are looking for actionable guidance and resources to create highly safe and prepared schools, I hope you take the time to make use of the wealth of free resources we have available on our site that can be put to use immediately in your schools.

If the time, complexity and stress associated with managing safety, security and emergency preparedness in your schools are still proving to be a bit overwhelming, then it may be time to consider a managed option. Whether you’re looking for services such as:

  • safety and security assessments of your buildings
  • a review and refinement of your emergency plans
  • staff development training
  • or turnkey emergency management of your district

Altaris has the right solutions to fit your schools.

To learn how Altaris can bring clarity to your current condition and help take the burden of creating safe and prepared schools off your shoulders, I encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary 30-minute consultation designed to:

  • identify the level of preparedness of your schools
  • provide no and low-cost improvement opportunities
  • determine if it makes sense for us to work together on a level of engagement that best meets the needs of your schools

To schedule your consultation with me personally, just click here or in the box above.

If you are looking to go it on your own, then you will most certainly find the resources on our site invaluable to help make your schools safer and highly prepared. 

From all of us at Altaris, thanks for visiting!

John LaPlaca

Founder & CEO


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