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Establishing Visitor Protocols
The lack of visitor protocol is a common problem in schools across all school districts.
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hether the weather is warm or cold, kids need a break at school to release energy during recess.
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Most schools do not have a sufficient emergency plan in place.
NY Smart Schools Bond Act
The NY Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) of 2014 authorized the issuance of $2 billion
The Biggest K-12 Training Mistake
Nothing creates more liability for a District in the wake of crisis than failing to adequately
Put Out the Fire – The Two Minute Guide
Fire extinguishers are ALL OVER your school building. But if you have ever asked a staff member
Slash Portable Radios Costs by 90%
It’s no secret that good communications is vitally important when managing an emergency.
Avoid the 4 Common Drill Errors
aving evaluated a countless number of drills with Districts, I often see the same evaluation mistakes
3 Steps to Lockdown Room Preparation
Lockdowns have become a fact of life in every school across the nation. Removing opportunity.