Fire extinguishers are ALL OVER your school building. But if you have ever asked a staff member where the nearest one is to their workspace….. get ready for the blank look.

How about how to actually use one?

The vast majority of school personnel we question, have no idea how to operate a fire extinguisher, regardless of how simple to use and readily available they might be.

This video, produced by the Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer’s Association (FEMA), provides a quick overview of the easy to remember “P.A.S.S.” method of operation.

The P.A.S.S. method is simple:

  • Step one: PULL THE PIN: locate and pull the pin fire extinguisher
  • Step two: AIM– Aim the nozzle or hose or hose based on fire from the recommended safe distance. Typically 8 to 10 feet
  • Step three: SQUEEZE – squeeze the operating lever to discharge the fire extinguishing agent
  • Step four: SWEEP – starting at the recommended distance sweep the nozzle hose from side to side until the fire is out.

 The video is a great training aid to share with all staff via email or even at an upcoming faculty meeting. When the weather is cooperative, you can take things a giant step forward by having a maintenance staff member or local emergency responder provide a parking lot demo.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is an essential requirement for all building personnel and a potentially life-saving skill.

To learn more about the Fire protocol and how to effectively prevent and manage critical incidents in your schools, be sure to check out our Safer K-12 Schools safety, security and emergency preparedness certification program.

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