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Working with Altaris you can expect to develop/acquire:

  • Facilities that are safe and free of vulnerabilities and hazards.
  • Emergency plans that are current, customized and invaluable guides to managing a crisis.
  • Staff that are competent, confident and readily capable of handling a wide array of¬†emergencies.
  • Strong relationships with emergency responders allowing seamless collaboration and efficient response to your facilities.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with media outlets to instill community confidence in the wake of a crisis.
  • The necessary materials, supplies and equipment to manage virtually any crisis successfully.
  • When the dust settles, the credibility and security that every preparatory measure was taken to limit damage and ensure a successful outcome.
  • Total compliance with state and federal mandates.
  • Creation of an internal culture and climate that deters violence, builds employee morale and develops strong confidence with the community.