Putting Plans to the Test

white paper

A detailed emergency plan, a well-trained staff and even state of the art equipment may prove insufficient to successfully manage a crisis in your school. In fact, all of these elements might just be a recipe for disaster if they have not been thoroughly tested before a real crisis occurs. Fortunately, a low cost and low stress tool exists that can be used to test the written assumptions of your emergency plans, which can help in identifying potential pitfalls that require attention before an actual event occurs. The use of this tool can also be a highly effective tool for examining and strengthening the ability of key stakeholders who will be called upon to respond. Plans, training and necessary equipment can then be refined to address weaknesses before any negative consequences are realized.

This white paper provides an overview of the benefits of using tabletop exercises to identify gaps in your plans and to dramatically strengthen the capacity of your school to manage a broad range of emergencies.

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