Critical Issue #9: When the Principal is Absent

The principal of any school has multiple responsibilities, many of which may require the principal to be away from the school for meetings and other important events. Therefore, it is essential that the faculty understand what protocol to follow when the principal of the school is unavailable. The principal must give his or her blessing that all staff members act accordingly when situations arise on school grounds. Staff members should understand that they have the blessing of the principal to respond to emergency situations without having to first discuss the matter with the principal.

Emergencies require a quick response time. If a staff member feels that they must first discuss their plan with the principal before acting, valuable time will be wasted. This is why it is important for emergency protocol to be put into place and for the principal to ensure that all faculty members understand that they must act on their own if needed. They should not waste time calling the principal. Instead, they should be assured that they will receive proper emergency training so that they can feel confident no matter what emergency situation arises.

Many staff members are afraid of the repercussions of acting without the consent of the principal of the school. By giving your blessing as a principal, you will be letting them off of the hook so that can respond to any given situation with much greater efficiency than if they had to wait for your response. Let your staff know that they must act in the name of safety first and foremost. Be sure to prepare everyone before an emergency occurs by offering comprehensive emergency training that gives everyone the tools they need to protect the safety of the school whether you are available or not. This will significantly boost the safety of your school environment.