Critical Issue #7: Inadequate Signage

It is common for schools to have inadequate signage on their campuses and within their buildings. While many schools state that they are a smoke-free campus or a green campus, most lack adequate instructions on how individuals should conduct themselves while on school property. Signage indicating where visitors should park, where they should immediately report to upon visiting, what entrances they should use, and other essential guidelines are often lacking on campuses.

Without proper signage and on-campus procedures in place, a campus environment is not safe and also becomes susceptible to law suits. As it stands, most schools do not require that staff wear identification tags. As long as someone is dressed in professional attire, they are allowed in buildings. While IDs may be given to staff, there is virtually zero compliance at most schools for staff to actually wear their IDs while on campus. In addition, inadequate signage leads to a haphazard way of ensuring on-campus safety and accordance to campus rules.

By having adequate signage on school campuses, every individual that visits the campus environment will have been made aware of the regulations of your school. Whether visitors read the posted signs or not, you will have done your part so the school will not be held liable for any damages while visitors are on campus.

Adequate signage will be uniform at every school with the only alteration being the name of your school. The signs will include on-campus regulations that must be complied with. This will include where visitors should park, what entrances and exits they should use, rules about smoking on campus, what office to report to in order to sign in and sign out when visiting, and so on. When visitors are aware of what is expected of them, you can be sure that regulations are much more likely to be followed and, if not, you will not be held liable if procedures are not adhered to.