NYSED Section 155.17 outlines regulations for New York school district emergency plans. The regulations can be confusing, so Altaris has developed this overview to clarify the steps districts should be taking to ensure emergency plan compliance. If you need assistance in developing a district-wide or building-level emergency response plans for your schools, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

District-wide school safety plans and building-level emergency response plans must be adopted or amended by September 1st of each school year. The district-wide school safety plan must be posted on the district website. The building-level emergency response plan is secure and must be submitted to the New York State Police and local law enforcement within 30 days of adoption, but no later than October 15th each year.

District-wide Safety Plan

Each school year, your district must have the district-wide plan reviewed by the district safety team and updated as needed. Special attention should be given to changes in contact information or conditions within the district that may require refinement of the plan.

If your Board of Education has previously adopted a District-wide Safety Plan, it is not necessary to re-adopt the plan each year.  NYS required each district to adopt a district -wide plan by July 1st, 2001 (8 CRR-NY 155.17(a)). If for some reason your district has never adopted this plan,  follow NYSED regulations for adoption including:

  • making the district-wide plan available for public comment at least 30 days prior to its adoption by the school board
  • formal adoption by the school board
  • updating the plan on the district website
  • submission of the plan link on your website to NYSED within 30 days of adoption as part of the Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) collection.

Education Law §2801-a and Commissioner’s regulation §155.17 require each district to file a copy of its district-wide school safety plan with the Commissioner. To comply with this requirement, each district must post their district-wide school safety plan on the district website.  

Building-level Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, districts were required to begin using the NYS School Emergency Response Plan template as a framework for developing each building-level plan. If you have not already done so, plans for each school should immediately be developed using this template.  If your district is already utilizing the template, it is important to update certain information within the plans each year including:

  • Contact Information for administrators
  • Members of the building-level safety team
  • Members of the building-level emergency response team
  • Employee listing
  • Master class schedule

It is a requirement that each year, every public school and BOCES update and submit their building-level ERP to both the State Police and local law enforcement within 30 days of adoption, but no later than October 15th. Submission to New York State Police should be completed via the NYSED business portal.  Click here for detailed information on this process.

Please check with your local police agency to determine the method of distribution they prefer.

As a reminder, building-level emergency response plans are confidential and are not subject to disclosure under article six of the Public Officers Law or any other provision of law. These plans should not appear on your district website or disseminated to the public.

Applicable Law –  155.17(c)(3)

(3) Each board of education, chancellor or other governing body or officer shall ensure that a copy of each building-level emergency response plan and any amendments thereto, is filed with the appropriate local law enforcement agency and with the State Police within 30 days of its adoption, but no later than October 15th annually. Building-level emergency response plans shall be confidential and shall not be subject to disclosure under article six of the Public Officers Law or any other provision of law.

Floor Plans & Schematics

New York State Education Law §408-b states that “authorities for each public and private school building in the State shall submit the most current plans and specifications for each school building under their responsibility to the fire and law enforcement officials in the city, towns, or village where the school building is located.” The law further states that goal of the law is to facilitate “quick and easy access to and passage through school buildings should it be necessary for fire or law enforcement reasons.”

We hope you found this overview of the NYSED School Safety Plan regulations helpful. If you have any questions regarding emergency plans or any other K-12 safety and security issue, please feel free to contact us!

Applicable NYSED Regulation

Section 155.17 School safety plans