K-12 Schools

When the dust settles, many tough questions will be asked of administrators regarding their level of preparedness and the manner in which a crisis  managed. Many school leaders however are simply overwhelmed and unsure what emergency management steps should be taken to ensure both state compliance and most importantly, safe schools.

It is essential that school administrators:

  • Identify hazards for which it is necessary to be prepared.
  • Establishing clear roles, responsibilities and procedures that are effectively communicated and well understood.
  • Develop, maintain and mobilize the needed capabilities,skills, personnel and equipment.
  • Test and assess plans and capabilities through realistic exercises that identify strengths and areas that require improvement with any needed changes made to both plans and capabilities.
  • Successful communication with media outlets and the community

All of our solutions are based around these principles. Here are typical examples of our client interventions which will vary depending upon your current condition and desired goals.