How We Work

with clients

Virtually every school administrator wants both safe schools and the ability to manage successfully, the inevitable crisis .  Unfortunately, Emergency Management can be a daunting but critical task, which is frequently neglected. The time commitment involved coupled with the lack of understanding of where to begin and what should be done can be simply overwhelming.  Typically, it is a tragedy in a similar school setting that prompts administrators to self evaluate their level of preparedness.

The mission of Altaris is to provide an “A-Z” emergency preparedness and management solution for schools. The ultimate goal is to dramatically reduce safety and security hazards while developing the capacity of personnel to manage a crisis when one occurs. With the well being of hundreds, if not thousands of students and staff entrusted to you, the stakes could not be any higher.   When the dust settles, our clients are able to answer the tough questions regarding their level of preparedness and the manner in which a crisis was successfully managed.

We Ask & Listen

During our first meeting, we will ask key questions designed to take an inventory of your current state of readiness, the level of safety and security of your facilities and your desired goals. Our objective is to jointly identify critical issues and determine if your district can benefit from our interventions.

A common concern of administrators is the potential for a critical review as well as significant changes.  First and foremost, clients are assured that every element of our intervention is structured to be constructive.

Our approach ensures that any necessary changes are done tactfully and on a timetable within the administration’s comfort zone.    The entire experience is designed to be productive and positive.

We Assess

Safety and Security threats and hazards can be uncovered before a crisis, greatly reducing the risk to life and property. Consideration of a broad range of risks that may impact staff and students, including those offsite (i.e. nuclear reactor) must be given. Our Safety and Security Audit process will:

  • Uncover critical safety and security hazards, loopholes and vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritize what actions should be taken to mitigate or prevent potential hazards that might impact your facilites.
  • Reduce liability by identifying “foreseeable danger” which schools may be held liable for failing to make every reasonable effort to intervene or remedy the condition.

Our assessments are not intended to be a critical “white glove” test to criticize the overall safety of your facilities. Nor are they mechanisms to simply support high cost expenditures on such things as cameras, access control and other high ticket items.  The vast majority of the vulnerabilities identified are low or no cost items that simply require appropriate mitigation. The main objective is identification.

We Improve/Develop a Plan

Emergency Planning is proactive, enabling schools (and communities) to reduce the frequency and magnitude of emergencies and to respond faster and more appropriately. Effective planning helps prevent emergencies from becoming crises.

Altaris carefully evaluates current plans and works with your organization to:

  • Update not one but a series of emergency management plans for different school community members that include district officials, school administrators, and teachers.
  • Develop plans that provide the organizational framework and response resources that the district will use to manage major emergencies (i.e. Incident Command Structure)

The benefits of effective emergency planning including actions taken to increase safety are of daily value, not just in an emergency. Planning affords educators an excellent opportunity to involve students, parents and the entire community. The rapid responses developed from your emergency planning can prevent injuries, save lives and allow for a more rapid return to normal school operations.

We Develop the Ability of Your Staff

The key to surviving a crisis is preparation and the abilities of your staff. Altaris works with schools to effectively develop the capabilities of educators and support personnel to quickly identify hazards, prevent a potential crisis before it happens and when necessary, effectively respond.

Our exclusive “Responder 360” program is a series of web based emergency preparedness training programs customized for your organization and provide:

  •  a cost-effective online learning tool equivalent to several days classroom training;
  • learning that allows cost effective and convenient scheduling of your staff ;
  • the freedom to decide how many of your staff you want to train at any one given time;
  • monthly reporting on each staffs progress; and
  • quarterly self-assessment of your staffs effective emergency preparedness skills.
  • no additional expenses such as travel and accommodation;

We Test Plans and People

Plans and capabilities must be thoroughly tested and assessed through realistic exercises. Exercises may be conducted as a tabletop simulation or full scale on site exercise. Our Exercise Facilitation Service:

  • Dramatically improves capabilities of staff through simulated incidents.
  • Quickly assesses the viability of emergency plans.
  • Identifies potential vulnerabilities and loopholes.
  • Forges strong relationships and communication with emergency responders.